Dear Parents & Confirmation Candidates,

Confirmation is one of the 3 Sacraments of Initiation into the Church. Together with Baptism and Eucharist, Confirmation completes the grace of Baptism by a special outpouring of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and empowers them for active participation in the worship and apostolic life of the Church.

Parishioners can begin the 2-year study in 9th grade. The program consists of 19 mandatory gatherings including 3 retreats, 11 classes, 2 socials, 1 rehearsal, teaching masses, and Confirmation.

Below are the 2023-24 dates, times, and topics:

Year 1

  • Aug 27- Youth Ministry Family Event Season Opener
  • Sept 17- Baptismal Retreat (in Chapel 5pm)
  • Oct 22- Faith/Creed (in PLC 5pm)
  • Nov 12- Church History (in PLC 5pm)
  • Dec 10- Eucharist Retreat (in Church 5pm)
  • Jan 21- Why be Catholic? (in PLC 5pm)
  • Feb 25- Teaching mass (in Church 5pm)
  • March 10- Defending your Faith, Apologetics (in PLC 5pm)
  • April 28- Power pf Prayer (in PLC 5pm)
  • May – Faith & Family Night at the Mighty Muscles Game

Year 2

  • Aug 27- Youth Ministry Family Event Season Opener
  • Sept 17- Parent/child Meeting (in Chapel 3pm)
  • Oct 22- Choosing a Saint Name (in PLC 5pm)
  • Nov 12- Sharing the Faith (in PLC 5pm)
  • Dec 10- Prayer/Eucharist/Adoration (in PLC 5pm & go to church for Adoration)
  • Jan 21- Gifts of the Holy Spirit (in PLC 5pm)
  • Feb 25- Confirmation Retreat (in PLC 2pm)
  • March 10- Ministry guide, What’s Next? (in PLC 5pm)
  • April- Confirmation rehearsal & celebration with Bishop. Dates will be published in January 2024
  • May – Faith & Family Night at the Mighty Muscles Game

The Bishop requires 80% in person. Retreats must be in person. (If you miss a retreat in the first-year study you must attend it in person your second year. If you miss the retreat in second year you must find another retreat at a neighboring parish to attend or wait until the following year.) If you miss a class. Make up work must be completed and turned in by the next scheduled gathering.All extracurricular activities do not take priority over sacrament preparation. Keep in mind of this saying, “There is a 0.0296% chance that your child will become a professional athlete or super star on stage. There is a 100% chance that your child will stand before God. GET THEM TO CHURCH.”

Requirements for the program include:

  • Attend Mass regularly (turn in attendance slips)
  • Weekly Theology Study (5 choices see below)
  • 19 mandatory gatherings
  • 10 hours of parish ministry volunteer work
  • Copy of Baptismal Certificate (if not baptized here)
  • Medical Authorization form, Image release form, code of conduct- sign and turn in year 1
  • Candidate Form turn in year 2
  • Sponsor Eligibility form sign and turn in year 2
  • Saint Report turn in Year 2

Weekly Theology Choice (Chose one)

  1. High School Youth Group Social Session (min 10 sessions per year)
  2. High School Catholic Theology class (BVHS)
  3. Catechist in training (must be commit to all Faith Formation Classes)
  4. Teen Mentor in MSYG (min 10 sessions per year)
  5. Catholic Online School Confirmation program with Certificate (parent led)


Important Documents

Forms to turn in with registration:

First Year of Study

Second Year of Study

Helpful Resources:

Contact Info

Kelly Evers
Coordinator of Youth & Young Adult Ministries
P 239-561-3022
F 239-561-3713

St. John XXIII Catholic Church
13060 Palomino Lane Fort Myers 33912

“Come Holy Spirit, Come now, Come as you will.”

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