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Night #01 with Fr. Bill Jarema

Night #02 with Fr. Bill Jarema

Night #03 with Fr. Bill Jarema


Join Fr. Bill Jarema

  • Sunday, February 18
  • Monday, February 19
  • Tuesday, February 20

Six Stages of Life Transition: Every person will experience numerous life transitions. Some of us will respond graciously while others will crash and burn. We are invited to achieve ‘Perichoresis’ with God. This means to dance with an intimate connection that if one does, all do, what one knows, the other knows. Come and learn the six stages of a life transition and discover how to cross the poison river without negative consequences or serious casualties. Rev. William J. Jarema, BA, MS, M.Div, MAS, NCC Mercy Center Inc.-International Director HEALING Life TRANSITIONS: LISTENING to the INVITATION to DANCE with GOD