July 9, 2020

July 12, 2020 | The 23rd Times

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July 5, 2020 | The 23rd Times

In God We Trust: Celebrating Independence Day as a Christian by Nick Rabiipour - The Catholic Company July 4th is the national celebration of our Nation’s independence. As we celebrate let us remember to pray that God will strengthen and…
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June 24, 2020 in Bulletin, The 23rd Times, The Catholic Faith

June 28, 2020 | The 23rd Times

The best way to ensure your loved ones are consistently prayed for within our greater E-Prayer Community - email Betsy Engelbrecht at eprayer.stjohn23@gmail.com Their names will be circulated to an ever-growing list of people who will pray for them by…
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June 17, 2020 in A Father Bob-Cast, Holy Day, The 23rd Times, The Catholic Faith

June 21, 2020 | The 23rd Times

St. Joseph: The Patron Saint of Fathers by: William James - Catholic News St. Joseph, husband of Mary and earthly father of Jesus, is the model of fatherhood. His faith and obedience to God inspired his devotion for his family.…
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June 11, 2020 in Bulletin, Holy Day, The 23rd Times, The Catholic Faith

June 14, 2020 | The 23rd Times

Corpus Christi Sunday by Cynthia Genovese - Catholic News Agency The Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ is also known as the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, which translates from Latin to “Body of Christ.” This feast…
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