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Catholic Community Foundation of Southwest FL, Inc.

Catholic Community Foundation

Since 2004, The Catholic Community Foundation of Southwest FL has supported effective philanthropy in Southwest Florida for private donors and parishes.

Making philanthropy for Christ effective.

The Catholic Community Foundation was established in 2004 by Bishop John J. Nevins as an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, with its own by-laws, Board of Directors, and staff professionals. The Foundation helps donors create lasting Catholic Legacies by working with them to provide long-term support and sustainability to the Catholic entities and programs about which they care most. These include Catholic Schools, Catholic Charities, Parishes, Seminarian education, programs for the needy, college scholarships and more.

Annually, the Foundation distributes more than $900,000 in support throughout the Diocese thanks to the generosity of the many donors that have already established their Catholic Legacies through the Foundation.

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Welcome from director, Michael Morse

For information on giving and how to create long-lasting support for the causes, individuals and families we care about.

Michael Morse, Executive Director
(941) 441-1124
Fax: (941) 486-4737