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A Message from Fr. Jay

Dear Friends,

I imagine being on a long flight to India. When I arrive, I approach the front desk where the staff smiles and collects my travel documents. To my surprise, I am promoted to first class without any additional cost and I am considered VIP status for the day. With a personal escort, I am taken to security clearance with easy entry, bypassing all other passengers that are standing in the long queue. Once I board the flight, I am given a nice comfortable first class cabin. All of this happens within 20 minutes! Would you imagine that I could sleep during the whole flight journey? No! Never!

In the second reading, Paul gives a similar VIP status to the early Christians. He says, ‘In love He destined us for adoption to Himself through Jesus Christ, in accord with the favor of His will, for the praise of the glory of His grace that He granted us in the beloved…. you were sealed with the promise of the Holy Spirit, which is the first installment of our inheritance toward redemption as God’s possession, to the praise of his glory.’ Yes, our God is a God of kindness (Responsorial Psalm). God gives special status to the people He chooses.

In the first reading, Amos, a simple shepherd and a dresser of sycamores, is chosen to prophesize to the people of Israel.

In the gospel, Jesus, sends his disciples two by two. God makes a person a VIP by renouncing everything that is considered as the standards of the world.

Last Monday, I attended Men’s Gospel Forum in the Parish Life Center. They meet every Monday morning at 7am and reflect on the following week’s gospel. Wow! They are a powerful reflection group! When Jesus sent them two by two, He wanted them to learn the providence of God as well as the need of human relationships. Having faith in God and winning the hearts of the people with no possessions, were the two main objectives of sending them two by two with minimum belongings. Renouncing is the way of gaining VIP status in Christian spirituality! Jesus himself reached that VIP status on the Cross, having nothing on his body…and giving his own Mother to John.

In this consumeristic world, are we ready to renounce something to gain the VIP status of God?

God Bless,
Fr. Jay Raju

  • Reading 1: Amos7:12-15
  • Reading 11: Ephesians 1: 3-14
  • Gospel: Mark 6: 7-13