Worship Ministries

The Mass is the Lord’s Supper. The Mass is the celebration of the paschal mystery of Jesus Christ. Christ instituted the Eucharist in the cenacle on Holy Thursday, in the framework of the Jewish Passover, to leave to all Christians the new Passover with its saving presence until the end of time. Celebrate what we believe.

“If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.” Jn 14:23

Altar Servers

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Participation in the conducting of a Mass
  • Training and scheduling of Altar Servers
  • Required training or skills: Short orientation meeting

Approximate Time Commitment

1 hour, 1-2 times per month


Fr. Lawrence Nguyen | 239-561-2245 | info@johnxxiii.net

Why is this ministry right for me?

“This is an excellent opportunity for young people to become more involved in celebrating Mass. Servers get to know the Priests and other active parishioners as friends, rather than just faces. The Mass also takes on a deeper meaning when you’re directly involved, and the training helps the young people develop leadership skills at an appropriate age.”

These are a few of the expectations we have of the servers:

  • Please be at the Church 15 minutes before Mass begins.
  • Please check with the Deacon or Priest to see what needs to be done to prepare for Mass.
  • Please fulfill your assigned times to serve.
  • Please find your own replacement at Mass if you cannot make it for whatever reason (a list of servers will be provided).
  • Please wear “Sunday clothes” at the weekend Masses, even when not scheduled to serve.
  • Please hang up vestments after Mass.
  • Please pay attention to the Priest and Deacon during Mass.
  • Please know and say the appropriate responses throughout the Mass.
  • Please serve at funerals and weddings when asked.

Need to learn how to Serve?

Eucharistic Ministers

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • To serve the consecrated host and wine at Mass
  • Assist the priest in distributing the Body and Blood of Christ to the faithful during Mass
  • Some ministers also distribute communion to the sick
  • There is one required training session & two meetings per year

Approximate Time Commitment

Averages 2-3 Masses per month plus 2 meetings per year


Catherine Vaughn | 239-482-1339 | info@johnxxiii.net

Are you called to this ministry?

“It brings us together and reminds us that we are all part of the Mass. We give of ourselves in small ways, but it lets us know that we are the Church. The smile on your face brings joy to people as they receive the Body and Blood of Christ.”

Altar Society

Paula Mattras | 239-561-2245


Marilyn Brummer | 239-357-4707

Music Ministry

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Instrumentals
  • Choir
  • Cantors


Children’s Choir
239-561-2245 |  info@johnxxiii.net

Download the Music Ministry Flier.



Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Proclaim the Word at Mass, with enthusiasm and confidence
  • You need a desire to proclaim
  • Familiarity with readings of weekend Liturgy
  • To be at ease before congregation

Approximate Time Commitment

30 minutes to 1 hour for pre-Mass preparation


Tony DaCosta | 239-561-2245 | info@johnxxiii.net

Why is this ministry right for me?

“To be the messenger of God’s Word gives you such a sense of presence. Women used to not be allowed on the altar, and now we are speaking the Word, and people are listening! You can’t help but feel you’re inspiring people and bringing the message to life.”


Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Helping people feel welcome when they come to Mass
  • Distribute pamphlets to children (3 to 6) and (7 to 12) as they enter the church.
  • Seat parishioners at appropriate times before and during the Mass.
  • Take collection, bag and deposit funds.
  • Direct the flow of Parishioners at Communion.
  • Be trained on the defibrillator provided by CN First Aid

Approximate Time Commitment

One Mass per week


Jim Mottram | 239-357-7907 | info@johnxxiii.net

Why is this ministry right for me?

“Many of our members need assistance finding, or getting to a seat. It’s nice to feel appreciated by so many, and people get to know you just from the little that you do for them. It’s also fun to keep track of the members that are consistently late every Sunday, in your head of course. We hand out bulletins, take care of the collection and answer questions if people need to be directed to different areas of the building.”

“…in the sacrifice of the Cross, Christ gave birth to the Church as His Bride and His body…”

Since the Eucharist makes present Christ's redeeming sacrifice, we must start by acknowledging that ''there is a causal influence of the Eucharist at the Church's very origins.'' The Eucharist is Christ who gives himself to us and continually builds us up as His body. Hence, in the striking interplay between the Eucharist . . . and the Church herself which ''makes'' the Eucharist,

the primary causality is expressed in the first formula: the Church is able to celebrate and adore the mystery of Christ present in the Eucharist precisely because Christ first gave himself to her in the sacrifice of the Cross (no. 14).

-Pope Benedict XVI