Outreach Ministries

Do not for a second think that it is simply handing the person a bit of food, money or clothing that gives us the greatest reward. The greatest return always comes in the gratitude a person often expresses; and this often comes when we simply spend the time to listen & empathize.

Most often the call is for “unconditional Love”, like we always hear about in the Gospel: “Love one another as I have loved you”. It is fitting that our people have chosen this as their motto because it is something everyone can do and costs us only time and works best with no judgment.

Art & Environment Ministry

Catherine Vaughn – 239-561-2245 | info@johnxxiii.net
The Art & Environment Ministry creates seasonal decorations which enhance the mood of the liturgical seasons. The atmosphere of reverence and beauty all reflect the glory of God. Extra hands from women and men are needed for projects at all times of the year.

Blessed Little Angels

239-561-2245 | blessedlittleangels23@gmail.com
We provide a faith-filled atmosphere for parents and children to meet each week – in a new venue – for prayer and play. We meet on Wednesdays from 10:00am-12:00pm. Check the bulletin for details. Children of all ages are welcome.

Communications Ministry

Colleen Leavy – 239-561-2245 | bulletineditor@johnxxiii.net
The ministry produces all communication materials for the Parish – including human interest articles, videos, the bulletin, podcasts, the Parish website, signage and other projects.

Community Outreach Ministry

Carolyn Smith – 239-561-2245 | info@johnxxiii.net
The ministry assists in the parish mission to nurture the spiritual growth of our members in our neighborhoods and communities.

Craftie Ladies/Prayer Shawl & Rosary Group Ministries

Judy Siegel – 239-561-2245 | info@johnxxiii.net
All are welcome to join us on Mondays from 1:00pm-3:00pm at the Villas for crafts. We crochet, knit, sew, glue, and make a wide variety of items to sell and raise money for charity. Rosaries are made for Baptisms and First Communion, and our prayer shawls go to hospice patients. Materials provided. Free lessons!

Check out the Craftie Ladies’ Accomplishments!

Eucharistic Outreach Ministry

Helen Tuffy 239-561-2245 | info@johnxxiii.net
We visit the homebound, bring them the Eucharist, and bring fellowship to those that are alone. We assess needs of their spiritual, physical, material and overall well-being.

Hospitality (Special Events)

Lois Becker- 239-561-2245 | info@johnxxiii.net
We are an on-call staff of volunteers that prepare foof for special events in the Parish.

Hospitality (After Mass)

Jennifer Baumgardner – 239-561-2245 | jennb@johnxxiii.net om
We bring our parish together after the celebration of Mass with coffee, donuts and other refreshments. Time commitment is minimal, and this is a great way to meet people from all walks of life.

Hospital Eucharistic Ministry

Paul Kielmeyer – 239-561-2245 | info@johnxxiii.net
We visit the sick at Gulf Coast Medical Center every day of the year, bringing them the Body of Christ, praying with them and providing rosaries made by St. John XXIII Rosary Ministry.

Click here for the contact listing for the Hospitals & Care Centers

Journey to Hope

Joanne Halt – 239-561-2245 | info@johnxxiii.net
We provide a monthly meeting for family and friends of loved ones who suffer from chronic mental illness or dual diagnoses with substance abuse. We provide education and referral in a faith-filled supportive setting and connect families with local resources. We meet first Friday of the month at 6pm in the St. Martha and St. Mary Room in the Parish Life Center.

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Nursing Home Eucharistic Ministry

Cindy Weigel 239-561-2245 | info@johnxxiii.net
We visit the sick in the Nursing Homes within our Parish and bring the patients the Body of Christ, pray with them, and provide rosaries made by the St. John XXIII Rosary Ministry.

Knights of Columbus

239-561-2245 | info@johnxxiii.net
We are looking for the next generation of Knights. Our council establishes service goals and plans multiple charitable events throughout the year. We are men of faith, guided not only by our belief in God and the Catholic Faith, but by our belief in ourselves and each other.

Men’s Gospel Forum

Mike Lancellot – 239-561-2245 | info@johnxxiii.net
Mark Bir 239-561-2245 | info@johnxxiii.net
We meet each Monday at 7:00am for coffee and casual, yet meaningful discussion on the upcoming week’s Gospel, and how it applies to our lives as fathers, husbands and employees.

Living Your Strengths

Steve Engelman – 239-561-2245 | info@johnxxiii.net
What makes you unique? How are you called to serve?
During the interactive and enlightening Living Your Strengths workshops, participants journey through the process of identifying, affirming and applying their unique God-given talents – the way we most naturally think, feel, and behave – to better serve those within and beyond our parish community, resulting in greater personal spirituality and life satisfaction.

Parish Library

Lori Izral – 239-561-2245 | info@johnxxiii.net
We collect and organize books on faith-based subjects, or other subjects that we deem appropriate. Books are checked out and returned based on a card system.

Respect Life Ministry

Kathy Danehy – 239-561-2245 | respectlifejohn23@gmail.com
Our ministry focuses on transforming our society into a culture that respects life from conception to natural death. We pray for, educate, advocate, and promote activities at all levels – parish, diocese, locally, statewide, and nationally – that increase awareness of the importance of respecting and protecting every human life. Please contact us so we can add you to our Respect Life e-mail distribution list and keep you informed of future Respect Life meetings and activities.

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Social Justice

Sandy Szymanski – Social Justice Chair
239-561-2245 | info@johnxxiii.net
“When did we see You hungry, thirsty, naked….and feed You….?” “When you did this for the least of your brothers!”

Life as a Eucharistic people calls us to be Christ for one another. Involvement in this Ministry challenges us to live the Gospel Message with a keen sense of awareness, understanding, truth, love and action. We are deeply committed to every aspect of social justice as proclaimed in the teachings of the Catholic Church. To be involved in this ministry is to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ…

  • Within Our Parish
  • Within Our Community
  • Across the Nation
  • Across International Borders

We feed and clothe the poor; we provide sneakers and school supplies to needy children; we provide toiletries and infant clothing to mothers who Choose Life, and we shine light on the tragedy of human trafficking. We rebuilt the forgotten homes of Katrina Victims in Biloxi and we support Catholic Charities in their struggle to serve the least among us. We have actively maintain a Food Pantry at St. John XXIII Villas and at St. Martin de Porres Community Outreach Center on Palm Beach Blvd. We respond to the cry of the poor and our blessings are abundant. The Social Justice Ministry is our answer to the call of Christ. Join us in this Ministry and let Jesus change your heart.

Teams of Our Lady (TOOL)

John & Linda Stankiewicz – 239-561-2245 | info@johnxxiii.net
We are a Catholic Movement of “Married Spirituality”, which brings together Christian couples united by the Sacrament of Matrimony and who wish, together, to deepen the graces of their Sacrament.

Thrift Store

Cynthia Conzatti – 239-433-4097 | thrift@johnxxiii.net
We sell donated goods to provide funds to support Catholic education and local community outreach. Purchasing from, and volunteering at the Thrift Store is an effective way to support our faith community.

Thursday Morning Friends

Mary Bissaillon – 239-561-2245 | info@johnxxiii.netom
Meet others for coffee and conversation the first Thursday of the month after the 8:30 a.m. Mass. Come and join us – all are welcome!

Women’s Guild

Sue Edwards – 239-561-2245 | info@johnxxiii.net
The Women’s Guild creates a sisterhood among the women of the parish and the community. They help enrich the spirituality of those around them by serving Jesus through their outreach efforts. Meetings are held the third Monday of the month from 6:30-8:30pm. All women of the parish are welcome.

65 & Over Singles Sunday Brunch

Joann Marie Hanak – 239-561-2245 | info@johnxxiii.net
We meet the first Sunday of every month at various locations for brunch and fellowship. Friendships develop from these get-togethers, as it is a great place to meet new people. All are welcome (65+) to join this group.

The Marr’s | The gifts we give the world.

Very few people ever get to experience adoption, either on the giving or receiving end, and even fewer can anticipate the emotional landscape in which they are about to traverse. Rather than feeling the familiar states of happiness, elation, joy or confusion, the Marr’s have gone through stages of utter disbelief, and describe the emotions like waves crashing ashore – consistent, yet never quite the same each time. “Is this my life?” Some couples fear that they might not have the same innate ability to fully love a child that shares none of their DNA. But at this point, almost 2 years after meeting James and Katherine, all doubt has departed.

Ministry to the Sick

A priest is on call 7 days a week, 24hrs a day for these hospitals:

Health Park – St. Columbkille Church 239-489-3973

Lee Memorial – St. Francis Xavier Church 239-334-2161

Gulf Coast – St. John XXIII 239-561-2245


You are able to receive the Sacrament of the Sick before being admitted to a facility.

St. Columbkille – Hope Hospice 239-489-3973
9470 Health Park Circle, Ft. Myers, FL

St. Raphael – Lehigh Acres Health & Rehab Center 239-369-2194
1550 Lee Blvd, Lehigh Acres, FL
Hope Hospice 239-369-1831 1201 Wings Way, Lehigh Acres, FL

St. Leo – Hope Hospice 239-992-0901
27200 Imperial Pkwy, Bonita Springs, FL

St. Vincent de Paul 239-693-0818

What CAN’T the Craftie Ladies do?


Embroidered 250 bibs*
Fr Tony’s 50th Anniversary stole
Mission trip scholarship $900
Prayer shawls …several hundred *
Rosaries for hospital, first communion, etc….8-10,000*
Capital Campaign
Vacation Bible School
Angel Tree
Soles for Souls $2500
Bibles for religious education classes
Fr John’s mother $100
Parish nurse blankets 200 for home bound ministry
Parish nurse fidget blankets 50* for Special Needs Masses
2 Pall’s
Women’s Guild Fashion Show

St Martin de Porres

50 hats for homeless
30 blankets for homeless
$100 Harry Chapin Walk fundraiser
$300 Hurricane Irma relief
$1100 for kitchen equipment
We reorganized their entire building…purchased plastic containers
Work boots

Verity Pregnancy & Medical Resource Center

500*baby bags for moms (blanket, diapers, onesie, towel, shampoo, etc)
65 baby bags (empty) for Hurricane Irma relief

Gulf Coast Medical Center

Huggy Hearts 700*
Hats for cancer patients 700*
Baby toys for ER 100

Lee Health

Hats for cancer patients 175*
Compassion/Comfort Blankets 500* for ICU

St John XXIII Villas (low income senior housing)

Meat for residents
Scholarship for summer camp
Christmas gifts for manager and maintenance
Gas cards for transportation for residents to doctor visits

HOPE Hospice

Hats 102
Veteran quilts 140* used for Honor Guard Ceremony
Veteran hats 102* for cancer patients
Prayer Shawls 15

Abuse Counseling & Treatment, Inc

55 quilts
Large box of Toiletries

Charleston Park Clean Water


Humane Society

Fabric for blankets
Scarves 25
Sewing machine
Doggie toys

AFCAAM Charity Golf Classic fundraiser

1 Custom Golf Cart seat cover

The Club at Pelican Preserve Golf Tournament fundraiser

2 Custom Golf Cart seat covers*

Boys and Girls Club of Collier County

50 blankets*

Knit for Kids

Hats & scarves [1 box]

Donations to Craftie Ladies come from:

St John XXIII Thrift Store
Lion Brand Yarn
Red Heart Yarn
Pelican Preserve…fabric
Anonymous donors $
St Martin de Porres…12 sewing machines, 5 bins of fabric for Huggy Hearts, quilts, etc

These statistics are from *2012 to present