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The Pastoral Team

We couldn’t run this church without the uniquely different people that act together to make magic happen. Meet our wonderful team!

Meet Our Team

Like a finely oiled motor, the Pastoral Team at St. John XXIII works to make the operations at our Church run smoothly so our people and ministries give everything that they can to those that need it most.

Fr. Jayabalan (Jay) Raju

Parish Administrator

Fr. Simon Dao

Parochial Vicar

Deacon Rich Klish


Ana Thompson


Deacon John Gaulin


Holly Atkins

Business Manager

Kelly Evers

Coordinator of Youth Ministries

Bethany Myers

Liturgy Coordinator

Barbara Lange

Admin. Assistant

Frannie Cerniglia

Dir. of Religious Education

Colleen Leavy

Bulletin Editor

Mary Ann Deas


Marie Boutwell

Admin Assistant

John Renfroe

Music Director

Jason Goss

Facilities Director

Mark Bellis

Maintenance Assistant

Clayton Goodridge

Thrift Store Manager

Ivette Janoschka

Parish Life Center Coordinator

Paula Froio

Faith Formation Assistant

Martha Lovley


Nathalie Severini Llinas

Admin Assistant