The Pastoral Team at St. John XXIII

Meet the Team that

Makes it Happen

We couldn’t run this church without the uniquely different people that act together to make magic happen.

Meet Our Team

Like a finely oiled motor, the Pastoral Team at St. John XXIII works to make the operations at our Church run smoothly so our people and ministries give everything that they can to those that need it most.

Fr. Bob Tabbert


Fr. Simon Dao

Parochial Vicar

Rev. Saji Ellickal, M.C.B.S.

Parochial Vicar

Deacon Francis Head


Deacon Rich Klish


Holly Atkins

Business Manager

Ana Thompson


Jennifer Engelman

Coordinator of Parishioner Engagement

Barbara Lange

Admin. Assistant

Chris Biel

Director of Faith Formation

Colleen Leavy

Bulletin Editor

Brenda Gregory

Office Assistant

Mary Ann Deas


Cynthia Conzatti

Thrift Store Manager

Trisha Fields

Faith Formation Assistant

Kelly Evers

Coordinator of Youth Ministries

Jennifer Baumgardner

Admin Assistant

Rob Erp

Guy Who Fixes Everything

Gloria Larson

Part-time Thrift Store Assistant Manager

Ivette Janoschka

Parish Life Center Coordinator

Dave Mraz

Maintenance Assistant