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1st Reconciliation and 1st Eucharist

The program is open to students in second grade or above who have completed one full year of the Faith Formation program or attended a Diocesan Catholic School. Sessions for Sacrament preparation are held separate from our Faith Formation program.

The four components of our Sacramental Preparation process are:

  • The child must demonstrate a willingness to participate in the sacramental process, and the family must be willing to support the child. This includes completion of all required forms.
  • Ongoing faith formation (Wednesday Faith Formation classes at St. John XXIII with separate registration, or be enrolled at a Diocesan Catholic School)
  • Regular weekly attendance at the Sunday Liturgy (Mass)
  • Attendance at all Sacramental Preparation sessions (parent & child attends). Sacramental preparation is a collaborative effort between family and parish and as such, requires parents or guardians to participate in the program. Parents must attend scheduled parent sessions.

The registration link above is for students who attend a Catholic School (students must have already completed 1 year of Catholic School and entering at least 2nd grade.)

Sacrament Prep Contact

Frannie Cerniglia
Director of Religious Education
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