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Sep 25th, 2022 | The 23rd Times

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Suicide Prevention Awareness: Be Here Tomorrow

by: Joanne Halt M.A. NAMI FaithNet

Untreated mental health conditions often lead to suicide. In mid July the three digit National Suicide and Crisis Helpline: 988, went active across our nation. Too many people experience suicidal crisis or mental health related distress without the support and care they need. In 2020, the U.S. had one death by suicide nearly every 11 minutes. Suicide is a leading cause of death for those aged 10-34 years. Stressors such as: loss of a job, financial stress, death of a loved one, divorce, substance abuse, trauma, chronic illness, legal troubles, recent bullying or harassment, homelessness, and any cause for shame, rejection or humiliation can be a trigger. Folks who are most at risk include those who lack protective factors such as: supportive family and friends; connection to community and support systems; having a reason to live; cultural or spiritual beliefs that include the belief that seeking support is a sign of strength; and being engaged in their own mental health care when symptoms arise.

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The 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline provides 24/7 confidential support to people in mental health related distress. Trained crisis counselors will make a local connection for the next step to receive care. Take time to add 988 to your mobile phone and share this resource.

NMAIWalks Your Way: October 1 is our 5K annual NAMIWalks awareness raising fundraiser over the Edison Bridge. Consider signing up to walk with our parish Journey to Hope Team. The walk provides funds for education and support to individuals and families. Our programs provide knowledge, coping skills, and leverage the power of lived experience to give others strength and hope. This year’s theme is “Be Here Tomorrow”. Let us all commit to looking out for one another and to help those in need to be here tomorrow by learning how to support those who live with a mental health disorder. The festival begins at 4PM with registration, speakers, bands (including Electric Lipstick), beer and food trucks with kick off at 7PM. There is no cost to walk, children and pets are welcome. Join Our Team!

email: or donate to this event, visit: