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July 24th, 2022 | The 23rd Times

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World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly: Sunday, July 24

A Message from the Catholic Grandparents Association: Grandparents have no agenda; they simply want the best for their grandchildren. They want them to be good, decent human beings, to know the difference between right and wrong, able to make good moral decisions and, if they go astray along the way, to be able to find their way back to a loving, forgiving, non-judgmental God.

Grandparents’ vital contribution to the family, the Church and society was never as important as now. We are living in unprecedented times, with constantly changing social and moral values. Times of great emotional, physical and financial stress, Sometimes we feel like we are failing. We are not. We can never fail so long as we keep on doing what we are doing – praying, showing the way and passing our Faith.

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This association grew out of our Grandparents’ Pilgrimages, where thousands of grandparents gathered in recent years, united by the same goal to do the very best we can for our children and grandchildren.

At the heart of the Association is the firm belief that this is our duty, our responsibility, our vocation, and we must do what we can. This is probably the most important job we will ever have and, for many of us, it may be our last. It is one from which we can never retire, so let us do our best. We owe it to our grandchildren.

May God bless you, your grandchildren, and your children, now and forever. For more information visit:

“The elderly can teach the younger generations how to trust in God, how to be merciful, and how to pray fervently, not only in good times, but especially in the difficult ones.” – Pope Francis