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Mar 27, 2022 | The 23rd Times

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Safe Haven Sunday

Equipping the Family: Having Critical Conversations

Pornography is one of the leading causes of addictions, abuse, adultery, divorce, and even human trafficking: it is, in short, a pervasive evil inflicting grave wounds on our families. Pornography creates unsafe environments for children and confuses others about attitudes towards sex and marriage. It is a moral issue. Why? Because pornography is hurting many people, including marriages and families, singles, priests and religious, and even children. It hurts the healthy process of vocational discernment for our young people. Pornography use impacts the relationships of children with their parents, husbands with their wives (and vice versa), the pastor, with his community, and most importantly, our relationship with our Lord.

In the formal statement, the USCCB speak directly to parents about being proactive about the issue of pornography in the life of the home with their children and together as a married ouple ensure the home keeps its status as a safe haven for all. The Bishops state, “The use of pornography by anyone in the home deprives the home of its role as a safe haven and has negative effects throughout a family’s life and across generation.”

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The most powerful tool we have when it comes to teaching our children about the beauty of their sexuality in the digital age is conversation. Real, honest, “look them in the eyes” conversations about their deep questions. In the digital age, passive parenting is not an option—the internet never rests.

For this reason, Sunday, March 27 has been designated as Safe Haven Sunday in the Diocese of Venice. This is the second year the Diocese has implemented Safe Haven Sunday and the theme for 2022 is “Equipping the Family: Having Critical Conversations.” This weekend of awareness will provide free resources to parents and grandparents to give them confidence for how to talk to their children and grandchildren about internet dangers, as well as their personal online and offline choices.

Safe Haven Sunday is celebrated through prayer and reflection within the context of the Mass. After Mass, each individual and family will be given Covenant Eyes’ most recent book, Confident: Helping Parents Navigate Online Exposure. This book includes a free seven-day text-to-opt-in program that provides practical tips for caring adults to create safer digital environments for themselves and young people. Simply text SECURE to 66866 to begin receiving guidance today!

Thank you for celebrating with us! If you have any questions about this awareness weekend, please contact Carrie Harkey, Diocesan Coordinator of Family Life at or call (941) 484-9543 for further information.