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Jan 2, 2022 | The 23rd Times

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Aspire to be like Mary in the New Year

by Cynthia William James – Catholic News Service

The story of Christmas is beautiful and inspiring but also it is so easy to overlook and let the beauty of it fade with time. Now that Christmas has passed, think about Mary and her perspective on it all. Here are ways we should all strive to be more like Mary:

Unshakable Faith

Faith is the best way to describe the journey Mary took. Faith became the only way she could survive. She trusted a God she could not see to protect her, her family, and her new baby. She had faith that her future was in the hands of her Heavenly Father and He would never leave her or forsake her. She stood strong in her unshakeable faith knowing that everything would happen to bring glory to Him. That even in her darkest and scariest time God was in complete control. In a world this crazy, faith in God is the only way to keep us going. Knowing that the King of the world is on your side and will fight every battle you face is all you need.


Pure Heart

Being pure and having a pure heart is such a beautiful quality that I believe God uses to separate us, especially His daughters, from what this world says is right and good. Mary shows us not just pure faith but also a pure heart to do the will of God. In the world of we live in setting our self to a higher standard is never easy but just like Mary it sets us apart and helps our faith grow in many ways.

Confident In God’s Plan

Mary had no say in the things going on in her life, but she was confident and trusted that her Heavenly Father’s plan was so much greater than she could imagine. We are called to stand confident in every season of our live, no matter how scary or dark the season is. We must always know that God is in complete control. God knows the desires of our heart and also what is best for us, even if it is not exactly what you expect. Mary was a young girl who was planning on being married, having a baby was definitely not in her plans but still she showed great strength and trust in the hardest part of her life.


Mary was a not married yet and was with child even though she was still a virgin. You could only imagine what she was thinking and how she was going to explain that to everyone. In that time the excuse “an angel told me I was doing this for God” is not a good excuse to being pregnant and not married. For many reason she should have been stoned to death or shunned but Mary stood strong in the promise God made to her. Mary had to sacrifice her whole life to fulfill the will of God. She trusted God to protect her even if that meant she lost everything. If only Mary knew she was sacrificing her life for the one who would sacrifice His life to save the whole world.

Be Humble and Selfless

It could have been so easy for Mary to pity herself, her situation, and make this all about her. Instead she found strength in her faith and humbled herself to do the work that only she could do. Being humble and selfless can be the hardest part of being a child of God. Mary’s example is like no others. Realizing that the work God is doing in your life is so much greater than you think and remembering it is not about you but giving all the glory to the King of Kings.

We have now celebrated the birth of our savior, so challenge yourself to pray to be more like Mary. Holding yourself to a high standard and living out your faith even if it feels impossible. Remember, God used an ordinary young girl to be the mother of the Savior of the world!