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St. Michael The Archangel

Recently one of our parishioners traveled to Orlando. He was looking for a church to attend on Sunday and found Our Lady Queen of the Universe Basilica. Walking from the parking lot to the church, right in the middle of a long, paved path is a statue of Saint Michael the Archangel. It was a beautiful statue, but there was something very appealing and welcoming about it. The way his hand was outstretched in a welcoming gesture, the look of peace on his face, the incredibly powerful wings: this was something holy! St. Michael, known as “God’s General”, has been fighting evil, keeping the devil at bay. It seems that evil has been making great strides in our world. A statue like this at St. John XXIII will remind us that this great saint, an Archangel, is willing and able to help us pray for the good.

We want to personally thank the anonymous family who funded the project of our new St. Michael the Archangel statue.

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We look forward to sending a prayer to “God’s General” as he stands outside the church, welcoming and protecting our parish family as we enter and exit.

Join Us – Sunday, September 27th

The statue will ultimately rest outside in front of the parish office. Join us after the 11:15am Mass on Sunday, September 27th as we bless the ground of the site. The Feast Day for St. Michael the Archangel is Tuesday, September 29th. We look forward to the statue arriving in early Spring!

About the Artist – Loura Parks Dobbs

Loura Parks Dobbs attended Boston University, the University of New Hampshire and the Skowhegan School of Art before settling at the Naguib School of Sculpture on the shores of Lake Michigan just outside of Chicago. There Loura began her education in the classic style of full figure human sculpture as protégé to world renowned artist and master sculptor Mustafa Naguib, where her work consisted of all aspects of steel armature construction, clay sculpture, mold making, casting and finishing.

Loura’s recent works include commissions of St. Peter and St. Michael The Archangel for The Basilica of the National Shrine of Mary Queen of the Universe, in Lake Buena Vista Florida. Commissions for the Mennello Museum of American Art and The George C. Young United States Federal Building and Courthouse in Orlando, and a sculpture for The Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC.