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Jan 19th, 2020 | The 23rd Times

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Healing through Music & Song: In Memory of Thomas Tiehel

Music Therapy by Colleen Leavy – Bulletin Editor

Music is the universal language and it is incorporated into every culture around the world. Without any words we can still interpret emotions based on pitch, rhythm and tempo.

Research suggests that music can produce biological changes such as reducing heart rate and blood pressure, as well as increasing endorphins to the brain. It can be very therapeutic but can it heal? Recent studies suggest that music has the potential to do just that. Scientists are even looking into music therapy as a valid alternative for the well being of mental health.

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Science is one thing, but can music be a connection to God? I believe it can transcend us to a spiritual realm where we all feel connected. As a musician, I have experienced this feeling myself. Our music director, Tom Tiehel, was definitely our vessel to this spiritual realm. He basked in his unconditional love for music and shared this gift with all of us.

Tom loved our parish community and he would want us to be connected through music. Despite our tears and heartache, let us heal together in song as we sing to the Lord in praise.

“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” – Psalm 100:1