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Give: Palm Sunday

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Palm Sunday

So they took branches of palm trees and went out to meet him, crying out Hosanna! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord, even the King of Israel! -John 12:13


Capital Campaign FAQs

Q. Various dollar amounts are being mentioned regarding the new Parish Life Center and the Building Our Legacy Capital Campaign. Please clarify.

A. The most critical amount we must all focus on is $3.9 million. This is the amount of cash in the bank required to break ground on our beautiful new Parish Life Center. The estimated total construction cost is $4.9 million and Diocesan policy requires 80% down payment. The 20% balance can be mortgaged.

Lynch Development Associates, a Catholic fundraising firm, is facilitating the Capital Campaign. Based on their research and experience with hundreds of institutions they are 98% confident our parishioners will pledge a minimum of $2.5 million. Knowing we are blessed with incredibly generous parishioners, who always support the great causes Fr. Bob presents, we are prayerful your pledges will guarantee the required $3.9 million needed for funding.

As illustrated in the three-legged stool below, the difference between the $3.9 million required to break ground, and the total amount pledged, will be raised through other means including raffles, ministry events, ongoing new pledges, etc.

Q: What is most important in this project?

A: The priority is classrooms. The six classrooms will serve as space for Faith Formation, Adult Education and meeting space for ministries.

Q: What is a Catering Kitchen?

A: A Catering Kitchen is essentially a shell of a Commercial Kitchen. There will be adequate space for Catering Companies and the Hospitality Ministry to prepare food for events. The space is designed to transform into a Commercial Kitchen with a commercial grade stove, refrigerator and freezer when the campaign goal is met, and then exceeded.

Q: Why must the campaign goal be reached within 3 years?

A: It is a requirement by the Diocese of Venice to meet the goal within three years without being assessed.

Q: Why must we have 80% of the total building cost in hand before construction to take place?

A: This is a Diocese of Venice requirement.

Q: Where will the playground go?

A: The playground will be relocated to another area of the church property

Q: What will happen to the Community Room?

A: When the Parish Life Center is built, the Community Room will be converted back to the original Chapel for weekday Mass, funerals and small weddings.

Q: If I want to transfer stock to the Capital Campaign, what is the process?

A: Contact the Parish Office and ask to speak with Ana or Holly. On the pledge card, indicate the number of shares and name of the stock.

Q: What do I do with my green “Building Fund” Envelopes?

A: For your monthly pledge payments, if you are paying by cash or check, use the green envelope titled “Building Fund.” Beginning in May 2015, the envelope in your monthy envelope mailing packet will state “Building Our Legacy Capital Campaign.” If you do not have green envelopes mailed to you monthly, they are available in the Church Narthex at at the Welcome Center, the back door and the Parish Office. Please indicate “Capital Campaign Pledge Payment” in the memo of the check and on the envelope.

Q: Will we have a separate account for the building fund?

A: Yes, we have a separate account set up with our Diocese titled, “St. John XXIII Capital Campaign Building Fund.”

Please be generous when making a pledge. All parish families, full-time and seasonal, are being asked to prayerfully consider making a pledge of $75-$300 a month for the next 36 months. Your generous pledge is based on equal sacrifice and not equal giving. Pledges and gifts in all amounts are gratefully accepted. Your pledge and sacrifice will make it possible to provide a strong future for our beloved parish. To learn more about the Building Our Legacy Capital Campaign, visit our website, Johnxxiii.net.

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