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Give: Catholic Faith Appeal: Your support in action

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Catholic Faith Appeal: Your support in action

The Catholic Faith Appeal (CFA) is a Diocesan-wide fundraising effort to support programs such as: Pastoral Outreach & Ministries; missions, poor parishes and convents; Catholic Charities; Evangelization; Worship; Respect Life; Peace & Social Justice; Vocations & Seminarians; Catholic Education; Diocesan administrative support services; etc. On an annual basis, parishes in the Diocese of Venice make a required contribution to financially support these efforts. The Catholic Faith Appeal is a means by which all parishioners can take part in helping their parish to meet its contribution. A parish Catholic Faith Appeal goal is determined by the income of the parish. It is not based on the number of registered families because our population grows in the winter months from northern visitors. They greatly add to the success of the Appeal.

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On an annual basis, parishes in the Diocese of Venice make a required contribution to financially support the following Diocesan wide ministries and programs which are presented in further detail in the annual Catholic Faith Appeal brochure:

  • Missions, Poor Parishes, and Convents
  • Vocations and Clergy
  • Catholic Education
  • Catholic Charities
  • Ministry and Agency Services

One of the departments supported by the CFA is the Office of Evangelization. It coordinates:

1) Scripture Conferences
The Sacred Scriptures are the central writing of the Catholic Faith, and it is essential that Catholics be able to appreciate and comprehend the Bible. Throughout the year the Diocese of Venice Office of Evangelization provides conferences for just this purpose. This past year Catholics in the Diocese of Venice were able to attend a Bible Study Training Day focused on the relationship between the Bible and the Mass, a Scripture Conference on understanding the Gospels, and an Apologetics Conference explaining where we got the Bible and how to read it properly. Through these Conferences, hundreds of Catholics learned the Word of God, and shared their knowledge with their families, friends and fellow parishioners.

1) Marriage Enrichment Program
Marriage is a life-long commitment that takes sacrifice, hard work, and God’s grace to be successful. The Diocese of Venice offers a Marriage Enrichment program to help married couples strengthen their commitment to one another and to Christ. The innovative program centers on the Eucharistic liturgy as the model for married life. Couples learn to seek forgiveness and reconciliation in their marriage, strengthen their communication skills, and deepen their emotional, intellectual and spiritual intimacy with one another. The Diocese of Venice recognizes that strong marriages lead to strong families which lead to strong communities and a strong Church.

2) Divorce Support Group (one leader’s comments)
“The Divorce Support Group provided by the Diocese of Venice is an innovative, comprehensive program that unites the Catholic faith and healing from the wounds of divorce. The program really moved gradually in drawing participants closer to God’s love and mercy, as they progressed through healing the wounds of divorce, while listening to inspiring talks from Catholic individuals who had been through a divorce. Throughout the program the participants were opening up to addressing their wounds and were being brought to the Sacraments for deeper healing. Our participants continued to bond and share on a deeper level with each session they attended. The group sometimes met for dinner together prior to the session. They shared contact information and rides. They develop friendship and comradery. This program is something I’ll continue to provide in ministry to this population that is hidden in our pews or just a step outside the Church because of confusion and lack of contact with caring individuals who hear their particular and unique needs as members of the Catholic Faith.”

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