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COVID-19 Guidelines

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Dispensation is lifted as of May 1st, 2021

Read the Bishop’s Letter on Covid-19 & Dispensation
Read the Diocesan COVID-19 Guidelines
Read the Bishop’s Letter in Spanish
Read the Diocesan COVID-19 Guidelines in Spanish

Welcome Back to St. John XXIII!

RECENT UPDATE: The Parish Life Center is now closed for Sunday Mass. Please join us in the Main Church or the Chapel. We’re getting back to normalcy quickly!

We received a letter from our Bishop outlining the new guidelines for how we can safely bring more of our congregation back into the church starting Saturday, May 1st. We have removed the blue tape from the pews and are no longer blocking every other row, meaning more of our parishioners are able to rejoin the Masses in the church instead of being spread out between the church, chapel, and Parish Life Center. Alleluia!

We continue to encourage you to bring your own hand sanitizer and re-emphasize that masks must still be worn properly covering both the nose and mouth when attending Mass.

The Diocese is requiring that 3 ft social-distancing be practiced within the church, chapel, and at all events and meetings held on the grounds of the parish campus. Household members on either end of your party may stretch out their arms to assist with determining the appropriate distance – you can even place a purse or personal item at that distance to discourage anyone from sitting too close. We have re-opened the back parking lot and the back doors to the church so that the handicapped parking areas may be used more effectively going forward.

We will continue to live-stream Masses to Facebook and our website at this time, and we will continue to have the Chapel open for overflow as well as for those who have underlying health conditions and wish to continue social-distancing more than the required 3 ft. The final week for having the Parish Life Center open for Masses will be May 8th & 9th as there was plenty of unused space in the chapel at each of the Masses the weekend of May 1st & 2nd. We will re-evaluate the need for using the Parish Life Center for overflow at the end of the summer months or if there are any other changes to the guidelines from the Diocese.

Please continue to refrain from touching during the Sign of Peace and the Lord’s Prayer, as well as from socializing in the Narthex before and after Mass. We understand that this has been extremely challenging as we are a very social parish.

The missals have not yet returned for use during the Masses, but the readings, responsorial psalms, and Mass prayers can still be viewed using the myParish app on your smartphone or tablet.

Communion will continue to be distributed primarily in the hands; however, the priests will offer the opportunity to receive the Eucharist on the tongue at each Mass for those who so choose once he has distributed to those receiving in the hands. Hands must be cupped to receive the Eucharist so that no person-to-person contact is made.

The collection baskets will still not be passed at this time. You can drop your envelope in the basket provided as you leave the church or donate online through the parish website.

The bulletin will be offered in print format on tables in the Narthex and by the church doors as well as still being available on the parish website.

The obligation to attend Sunday Mass and Holy Days has now been lifted; however, Catholics who are ill or confined to their home, hospital, or nursing facility – as well as those who care for them – continue to be excused from the obligation to attend Mass. Those Catholics who believe they have been recently exposed to the Covid-19 virus as well as those who have underlying health conditions (or are in a high-risk category) – as well as those who have high anxiety/fear of contracting the virus if they attend Mass – also continue to be excused from their obligation.

We appreciate your understanding and your support to keep everyone safe while we slowly begin to get the celebration of Mass back to normal. Let us continue to give thanks to God for bringing us back together and for keeping our parish bonds strong. Alleluia!

Updated Online Mass Schedule for Foreseeable Future

Daily Mass
8:00am Monday – Saturday

4:00pm with Fr. Angelo
8:00pm Vietnamese Mass:

11:15am with Fr. Bob
1:30pm Spanish Mass:

How to Watch FB Livestream Masses

Watch live and past streamed Masses here.

You will be taken to our Facebook page. If a box pops up that asks you to sign in, just click on Not Now (at the bottom of the pop up) and it will go away. You do not need to have a Facebook Account and can watch any/all of our videos. You will note that if there is a live streaming Mass going on, the video in the corner will show LIVE. You can click on the video and turn your sound up to watch. You can also watch the past Masses at any time.

Don’t have a Facebook Account?

Visit this link to see our videos:


Currently, NAMI LCH hosts the following weekly Zoom support groups and we ask that you let your congregants know about these resources:

  • Connection Peer Group (for those with a mental health challenge) Mondays 6PM -7:30 PM
  • Mental Health Court Support Group Tuesdays 12:30 PM -2 PM
  • Family Support Group Tuesdays 6 PM – 7:30 PM
  • Veterans Support Group Wednesdays 6 PM – 7:30 PM

If you go to our website, you will see directions for joining these meetings on the Zoom platform. Attending is just a matter of downloading the Zoom App to your computer or mobile device, then using the link/invitation on our website to join your specific meeting. There is also an in person Connection Peer Group each Wednesday night 6 PM -7:30 PM at Celedon Recovery Campus, 3331 Riverside Dr., Fort Myers. All CDC protocols are followed.

Stations of the Cross
Watch this video and download this attachment companion to experience the Stations of the Cross from your home.

Food Donations

St. Martin de Porres
Phone: 239-693-4711
Address: 4711 Palm Beach Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33905

St. John XXIII Villas: Marcy Taylor
Phone: 239-561-3535
Address: 13251 Apaloosa Lane, Fort Myers, FL 33912

Vietnamese Mass Live Streaming