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Our Five Pillars of Church.

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The people within our walls are filled with such love and joy!

Our ministries reach across all social boundaries.

Never stop learning with our Adult Education programs.

Mass Times by Season

Winter Season

January – Palm Sunday

Daily Mass | Mon-Sat 8:00am
Saturday Vigil Mass 3:30 & 5: 30pm | Vietnamese 8:00pm
Sunday 7:15 | 9:15 | 11:15 am | 5:00 pm


Winter Season

Saturdays after 8:00am Mass

Summer Season

Palm Sunday – December

Daily Mass | Mon-Sat 8:00am
Saturday Vigil Mass 4:00pm | Vietnamese 8:00pm
Sunday 7:15 | 9:15 | 11:15 am 


Summer Season

Saturdays after 8:00am Mass

Connect: Upcoming Events & Happenings

Upcoming Event

Faith and Finance

Wednesday May 16th & Wednesday May 23rd from 6:30pm-8pm in the Community Room. Topic: Applying Gospel Values to Financial Management Presenters: Robert Brown & Deacon Rich Klish. Light refreshments will be provided.
Upcoming Event

Belk Sale May 4th

Friday, May 4th from 6am-10am IN STORE ONLY! Tickets are $5. The first 100 people in the door get a FREE gift card valued from $5-$1,000. Tickets available by contacting or (239) 303-1935
Upcoming Event

Faith and Film May 4th

Friday, May 4th from 6-8:30pm in the Community Room. Movie: “On the Waterfront” with a discussion to follow. Pizza provided by the Knights of Columbus. Sign up in the Narthex or RSVP to:

The 23rd Times: Bulletin & News

April 18, 2018

April 22, 2018 | The 23rd Times

April 11, 2018 in A Father Bob-Cast, Bulletin, Grow, The 23rd Times, The Catholic Faith

April 15, 2018 | The 23rd Times

Organ Donation: What the Catholic Church Believes By: Tammy O'Doherty - Institute of Catholic Bioethics Pope Pius XII and Pope John Paul II both agree that it is the responsibility of doctors and scientists to determine the exact moment of…
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April 4, 2018 in Bulletin, Holy Day, Special Masses & Celebrations, The 23rd Times, The Catholic Faith, Worship

April 8, 2018 | The 23rd Times

Devotion of the Divine Mercy by Mike Navarro Divine Mercy Background in the Church To open the millennium Pope John Paul II declared that the Second Sunday of Easter would become the Feast of Divine Mercy, and he exhorted the…
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March 27, 2018 in Bulletin, Holy Day, Lent, Special Masses & Celebrations, The 23rd Times, The Catholic Faith

Easter Sunday Apr 1st, 2018 | The 23rd Times

Easter Sunday Resurrection: He is risen, indeed! Easter Sunday. To many it means the Easter bunny, a day of food and celebration. For some it is an obligatory church-attending holiday, after which life goes on as usual. How sad that…
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March 21, 2018 in Bulletin, Events, Lent, The 23rd Times, The Catholic Faith

Mar. 25th, 2018 | The 23rd Times

Palm Sunday: Make Way for the King The Triumphal Entry of Jesus Jesus Christ was on his way to Jerusalem, knowing full well that this trip would end in his sacrificial death for the sin of humanity. He sent two…
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Empathy in Action

Compassionate Ministries

Compassion is sometimes the fatal capacity for feeling what it is like to live inside somebody else’s skin. It is the knowledge that there can never really be any peace and joy for me until there is peace and joy finally for you too. Our Compassionate Services Ministry is the most delicate of all our ministries at St. John XXIII. True compassion lives in you… really.

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Expand Our Reach.

Outreach Ministries

Outreach is important to our church because it is important to God and that makes it important to every Christian for the following reason. Outreach was commanded by Christ. Before His ascension, Jesus told the disciples that their impact on the world should start in their city and expand its influence into the entire world.

Connect with Us.

Total Devotion

Worship Ministries

The Mass is the Lord’s Supper. The Mass is the celebration of the paschal mystery of Jesus Christ. Christ instituted the Eucharist in the cenacle on Holy Thursday, in the framework of the Jewish Passover, to leave to all Christians the new Passover with its saving presence until the end of time. Celebrate what we believe.

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Just a Snapshot at How We’ve Grown

We like to measure the metrics that matter.


Families Registered Last Year


Total Membership


Families in Our Flock (and Growing)

Would you like to start growing in your Faith?


So Many Ways to Give

When you Dig Deep Into Your Time & Talents, the Impact is Exponential!

Time: Volunteerism

The practice of Stewardship of Time, Talent and Treasure is a grateful response to our deep heartfelt desire to give something back to God in thanksgiving for all we have received, including the gift of life itself.

Talent: Teach & Use Your Skills

We encourage you to read through the Ministry section of our site for different opportunities in which to spend your most precious resource. God has given you many talents, and only a certain amount of time – use them in His name!

Treasure: Give YOUR Way

As we celebrate our 12th year as a parish, we give thanks to God for His grace and abundant blessings. Since our earliest days, we gratefully acknowledge our past and our present by building for our future.