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Blood Pressure Check: Weekend of November 23rd & 24th

By June 19, 2019 November 20th, 2019 No Comments

The parish nurses will be in the Narthex after all Masses the weekend of November 23rd & 24th. You may want to bring your digital blood pressure cuff to church this weekend and we can compare readings to evaluate the accuracy of the cuff you are using at home.


Anyone who may be interested in assisting with blood pressure checks after Mass on the last weekend of every month, please call the Parish office at (239) 561-2245 and leave your name and phone number. One of our parish nurses will get back to you. It is required you get fingerprinted and attend Safety Environment Training. We will provide you with information on the process.
We do provide the cuff and stethoscope. Join us as we perform a service to our parishioners that thus far has been very beneficial! Thank you.