Congratulations! Your parish community rejoices with you as you plan your wedding. We will try to make your day as meaningful and beautiful as possible. Here is some church information that may answer most of your questions.


Setting the Date & Time

Couples are to schedule an appointment with a priest at least SIX MONTHS prior to your wedding. This gives us the needed opportunity to plan the details of your special day.

Pre-Cana Programs

The heart of the Pre-Cana preparation in the Catholic Church is the realization that: “A wedding is a day, but a marriage is a lifetime.” Our Parish is convinced that all couples need some special time to reflect upon the deep significance of the steps that they are making together. For this reason, we require that you participate in two Pre- Cana seminars within the Diocese of Venice. One is a Life Skills Workshop and the other is a Sacramentality Workshop. The schedule of workshops can be found at

Marriage Preparation

We also administer the FOCCUS questionnaire to all couples. After the questionnaire is scored, the couple will be contacted by one of our parish sponsor couples to discuss the results.

Documents Needed

1. Baptismal Certificates. Please contact the church where you were baptized and request a current, updated copy of your baptismal certificate. The church can send it directly to the priest who is working with you here at St. John XXIII.

2. Marriage Preparation Forms – A Forms. These are forms provided by the Diocese and will be completed with the assistance of the Parish priest.

3. Letters of Freedom – B Forms. The Diocese of Venice requires that we obtain two signed statements from a family member or a close friend of the bride and groom – someone who has known you for at least 5 years – stating that they know you are free to marry in the Catholic Church.

4. Pre-Cana Certificates. Once you have completed the two Pre-Cana programs, give the certificates to the priest, and make a copy to bring to the County Clerk. This will enable you to get a discount on your marriage license fee.

5. Florida Marriage License. You can attain the license at any of the Florida County Clerk’s Offices. The license is valid for 60 days after it is issued. Bring the license to the Parish Office one week prior to your wedding. The principal witnesses will be asked to sign the license following the wedding ceremony.