Advertising Opportunities

Reach over 9000 Parishioners for your business or organization! We have a comprehensive communication strategy which reaches across all mediums, all demographics and is measurable! If this is what your business needs, you’ve found a partner in St. John XXIII. Contact our Parish Office to get package pricing, quantity discounts and design help – 239.561.2245

Weekly E-Newsletter

With a distribution of over 1500, and between 400-500 confirmed reads EVERY WEEK, our e-newsletter – The 23rd Times – is an effective way to draw attention to your organization. Most email marketing programs are difficult to get off the ground because of deliverability and opt-in issues, but we already have an audience that loves our content! Become a part of the campaign, support your favorite Parish, AND get immediate feedback on the performance of your ads! Ask about options to click through to your website right from the ad banner.

The Narthex Flatscreen

With current events and photos of all the latest St. John XXIII events, the Narthex Flatscreen is sure to grab the attention of all our parishioners. Does it get attention? We have over 4000 people in our narthex every weekend, and it never hurts to show your support for your favorite Parish, and at the same time gain notoriety for your business. Complimentary ad design can be replicated across other mediums as well. Buy an ad on our flatscreen and get your next postcard mailer design for free! We’re only a phone call or email away, so be involved in the design of your message in a hands-on way.

This highly-optimized Website

Our website – – has been #1 on search engines when Catholic Churches in Fort Myers, Southwest Florida, Lee County or even Naples are searched! We can design your ad for you, and once you’re set up in our system, statistics reports are sent directly to you when you want them. You can run different campaigns and change it up to determine which campaign works best. Your ad will appear on the master page of the site, so no matter how the viewer enters our site, they’re sure to see your ad.

Quarterly Newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter is an ‘outreach’ communication tool. Our faithful Parishioners who are here every Sunday are aware of the happenings and spirituality of St. John XXIII. The newsletter covers a 4-mile radius of residential postal routes. If you’re a Parishioner here, and would like to get in front of a larger, yet still local audience, this is a great opportunity to advertise your business. If you’re a local business owner and need an effective, yet inexpensive way to ‘piggyback’ on direct mail that people will actually read, our quarterly newsletter is a perfect fit.