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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 12 years since the Blessed Pope John XXIII Catholic Church was canonically erected as a parish. Since our earliest days, we continue to expand and flourish with more than 3,000 registered families.

The sacrificial giving of so many dedicated parishioners throughout the years has enabled us to accomplish so much. Just this past year, we celebrated the remarkable milestone of paying off our parish mortgage.

Today, we’ve simply outgrown our space. To keep up with the exponential growth in our parish, we turn the Narthex into make-shift classrooms for Faith Formation, the Chapel into a community room, and use our former bookstore for additional office space. This is a great challenge for all of us! Now is the time to build a Parish Life Center that will accommodate all of our parishioners. The present task we face is to raise $2.5 million dollars toward our $4.9 million Parish Life Center. I believe that, together, we can meet this goal and meet the needs of our parish.

Today, I call upon each and every family within our parish to join us in BUILDING OUR LEGACY. This is our parish, our home and our future. It is only through sacrifice and faith-filled commitment that we can meet the ever-growing needs of our parish and provide an even brighter future for generations to come.

I ask you to take a moment to read the brochure, which outlines our plans for a Parish Life Center. Prayerfully consider a financial gift or a pledge in our BUILDING OUR LEGACY capital campaign.

Your generous support will help to ensure the success of building a Parish Life Center, and is a reflection of your devotion to our faith community here at St. John XXIII Catholic Church, as well as the legacy that will make a difference in the lives that follow.

May the blessing of God’s Spirit continue to nourish you and your family in the days to come!

Gratefully in Christ,

Rev. Robert D. Tabbert


Building Our Legacy

As we celebrate our 12th year as a parish, we give thanks to God for His grace and abundant blessings. Since our earliest days, we continue to expand and flourish. We gratefully acknowledge our past and our present by building for our future.

To further develop this holy ground for our Catholic Community on its spiritual journey through life, we would like to launch the construction of a Parish Life Center- a facility to accommodate and benefit all of our parishioners.

Proposed Parish Life Center

Parish Community Hall
The construction of a Parish Community Hall will provide the opportunity to host numerous social, spiritual and ministerial events, which are critical to our growth as a family of faith. A large gathering hall will make it possible to gather our community together for parish retreats, missions, concerts, spaghetti dinners and many more activities. Critical to the construction of this hall, will be the addition of a Catering Kitchen designed to host any social activity with refreshments and food.

Multi-Purpose Classrooms/Meeting Rooms
Our present accommodations for Faith Formation consist of rolling dividers that create a temporary classroom space for learning. It is our hope to create a more permanent educational learning environment by constructing 6 multipurpose classrooms/meeting rooms. These rooms will also provide much needed space to serve the dozens of ministry programs in our growing parish.

God has blessed us with wonderful weather here in Ft. Myers! In this plan, we wish to create a courtyard between the church and Parish Life Center where parishioners can come to “be outside” while still at home in their parish. This courtyard will also be an outdoor gathering area to host parish receptions, small group gatherings, and more. It is a wonderful way to give Glory to God for the blessing of nature!

While it is always important to engage and involve the adult community of our parish, our plan also addresses the needs of younger members of our parish community. A nursery will open our hearts to the very young in the community, as we nurture their faith and welcome them as the future of our parish.

Stewarding God’s creation with an Environmentally-friendly design
To ensure that we are good stewards of God’s creation, our new space will feature “green” elements. This will also help save on long-term maintenance and operational costs.

New construction of the Parish Life Center is an opportunity to utilize the latest technology and building methods to produce a structure that is ecologically sustainable. We are grateful that God has made us responsible stewards! Furthermore, we are challenging our parishioners to pledge sacrificially towards this project that will not only benefit our parish family, but also the greater Ft. Myers Community!

Campaign Goal: $2.5 Million



Parish Life Center

St. John XXIII Parish Life Center Naming Rights $4,500,000
Social Hall $1,000,000
Catering Kitchen $250,000
Courtyard $100,000
Indoor Stage $75,000
Outdoor Ampitheater $75,000
Lobby $75,000
Bathrooms (2) $50,000 ea.
Reconstructed Nursery $50,000
Classrooms (6) $50,000 ea.
Director of Faith Formation Offices $25,000
Mechanical Room (2) $25,000 ea.
Storage Rooms (2) $25,000 ea.
Faith Formation Bathrooms (2) $20,000 ea.
Legacy Hallway $15,000


Classroom Crucifix (6) $5,000 ea.
Social Hall Crucifix $25,000
Kitchen Crucifix $25,000
Hallway Crucifix $7,500


Sound System $25,000
Spotlights $25,000
Lobby Furniture $15,000
Tables (37) $7,500 ea.
Chairs (300) $5,000 ea.

Giving Opportunities

God knows and promises to reward all those who support the Church to the best of their means. All donors who make a sacrificial gift to the “Building our Legacy” Campaign will be recognized in a special manner.

St. John XXIII Cornerstone Pledges
For those families or individuals who wish to make a gift to the campaign of $75,000 or more, their names would be displayed as St. John XXIII Cornerstone Pledges for our “Building Our Legacy” Campaign.

St. John XXIII Benefactor Pledges
For those families or individuals who wish to make a gift to the campaign of $50,000-$74,999, their names would be
displayed as St. John XXIII Benefactor Pledges for our “Building Our Legacy” Campaign.

St. John XXIII Leadership Pledges
For those families or individuals who wish to make a gift to the campaign of $25,000-$49,999, their names would be
displayed as St. John XXIII Leadership Pledges for our “Building Our Legacy” Campaign.

St. John XXIII Jesus Pillar Pledges
For those families or individuals who wish to make a gift to the campaign of $15,000-$24,999, their names would be
displayed as our St. John XXIII Jesus Pillar Pledges for our “Building Our Legacy” Campaign.

St. John XXIII Sponsor Pledges
For those families or individuals who wish to make a gift to the campaign of $7,500-$14,999, their names would be
displayed as St. John XXIII Sponsor Pledges for our “Building Our Legacy” Campaign.

St. John XXIII Patron Pledges
For those families or individuals who wish to make a gift to the campaign of $3,000-$7,499, their names would be
displayed as St. John XXIII Patron Pledges for our “Building Our Legacy” Campaign.

**Parishioners who pledge towards “Building our Legacy” will receive name recognition in the Parish Life center unless otherwise noted.**

As members of St. John XXIII Parish family, we are faced with a challenge that only together can be acheived. The projects which are planned for the Parish Life Center are important to each and every member of the St. John XXIII Parish family. It is only through our generosity and reflection for a sacrificial commitment that we will be able to accomplish our objectives.

While this seems like a large amount, participation by all members of the parish family will not only make this goal attainable, but surmountable.

Suggested Gift Plans…
In order to assist you in your consideration of a commitment to our appeal, we have listed a suggested gift plan. We understand that each individual or family has different financial obligations and abilities. Yet one of these plans should be within the means of most of the parish family. Please consider which plan best fits your monthly budget. This may be the best guideline for your commitment. Remember, this Campaign is based on equal sacrifice, not equal giving.

Giving Plans to Consider

Total Pledge

10% Down Payment

3 Annual Payments

12 Quarterly

36 Month

Your Commitment…

We are asking our entire parish family to consider a minimum pledge over the next 36 months of at least $3,000. The pledge would be a sacrifice of about $2 a day in order to ensure a promising future for St. John XXIII Parish, and does not pose a burden for most parishioners. When reviewed further, this amount comes to about what many parishioners pay each month for cable television.

Please Consider a Special Commitment…

Some of us have been especially blessed by the Lord with material means. A heartfelt appeal is made to those parishioners to reflect on their ability to make a very generous pledge to the campaign. We ask that those who are capable of making pledges of $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 or more to lay the foundation of success for this appeal.

Please Consider…

Your commitment contribution payments are made over a three year (36 month) period. If necessary, arrangements can be made for payment over a four year (48 month) period. Your commitment to St. John XXIII Parish “Building Our Legacy” Campaign is in addition to your weekly tithing and CFA contributions. Your financial commitment to this appeal will help ensure a strong future for the parish. In March 2015, payment reminders and envelopes will be mailed according to your payment preference.

Planned Giving, Wills, Estate Planning, Life Insurance

There are numerous planned giving opportunities that provide donors alternative methods of making their gifts to the campaign. These include but are not restricted to:

  • Gifts of assets including real estate, stocks, bonds, coins, etc.
    Making the Church a beneficiary of your will.
    Life Insurance: Naming the Church as beneficiary

Matching Gift Opportunities

Many employers have matching gift programs that provide employees the opportunity to multiply your gifts to educational institutions, social organizations, and health institutions. We encourage you to inquire of your Human Resources Department regarding the Matching Gift opportunities available to you.

Tax Advantages of Thoughtful Giving

Federal and state laws on income and inheritance taxes encourage charitable giving. All annual contributions to our campaign are tax deductible for those who itemize their deductions. It is particularly advantageous for some people to contribute appreciated securities. If you chose to contribute appreciated securities held more than 12 months, you will receive double the tax benefit through:

  • Avoiding the capital gains, which would be paid if the stocks were sold.
  • Receiving a charitable deduction equal to the fair market value at the time of the gift as opposed to the purchase.

Procedure to Transfer Stock:
Please have your stock broker or securities advisor transfer securities gifts to:

Deborah Shafer

Please indicate on your pledge card the number of shares and the name of the company.

Please also call the campaign office and notify the campaign director immediately so we can confirm that the securities were received, authorize the sale by our broker, and send you the appropriate acknowledgement letter.


You may be contacted by a volunteer to make your pledge.
You may pick up a pledge card on certain Sundays throughout the month of February and March in the Church.
You may drop off the pledge at the parish office.
You may also contact the Parish Office at (239) 561-2245

Campaign Prayer

Generous God,
I give thanks to you for the gifts you have given me
My Life, my family, my friends, my faith in Jesus
Nourished in my church of St. John XXIII.

Help me to remember that
All that I have comes from you
And to rejoice in your goodness.

Renew in me the presence of your Spirit,
The same Spirit that formed my faith
And filled generations before me.

Give me the strength and courage
To become a stronger witness and follower of Jesus
So that I can give as a gift to future generations
What I have received as a gift from you.

I pray that my family, my parish and I
Will always give glory to you, my God, now and forever.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Various dollar amounts are being mentioned regarding the new Parish Life Center and the Building Our Legacy Capital Campaign. Please clarify.
A. The most critical amount we must all focus on is $3.9 million. This is the amount of cash in the bank required to break ground on our beautiful new Parish Life Center. The estimated total construction cost is $4.9 million and Diocesan policy requires 80% down payment. The 20% balance can be mortgaged.
Lynch Development Associates, a Catholic fundraising firm, is facilitating the Capital Campaign. Based on their research and experience with hundreds of institutions they are 98% confident our parishioners will pledge a minimum of $2.5 million. Knowing we are blessed with incredibly generous parishioners, who always support the great causes Fr. Bob presents, we are prayerful your pledges will guarantee the required $3.9 million needed for funding.
As illustrated in the three-legged stool below, the difference between the $3.9 million required to break ground, and the total amount pledged, will be raised through other means including raffles, ministry events, ongoing new pledges, etc.

Q: What is most important in this project?
A: The priority is classrooms. The six classrooms will serve as space for Faith Formation, Adult Education and meeting space for ministries.

Q: What is a Catering Kitchen?
A: A Catering Kitchen is essentially a shell of a Commercial Kitchen. There will be adequate space for Catering Companies and the Hospitality Ministry to prepare food for events. The space is designed to transform into a Commercial Kitchen with a commercial grade stove, refrigerator and freezer when the campaign goal is met, and then exceeded.

Q: Why must the campaign goal be reached within 3 years?
A: It is a requirement by the Diocese of Venice to meet the goal within three years without being assessed.

Q: Why must we have 80% of the total building cost in hand before construction to take place?
A: This is a Diocese of Venice requirement.

Q: Where will the playground go?
A: The playground will be relocated to another area of the church property.

Q: What will happen to the Community Room?
A: When the Parish Life Center is built, the Community Room will be converted back to the original Chapel for weekday Mass, funerals and small weddings.

Q: If I want to transfer stock to the Capital Campaign, what is the process?
A: Contact the Parish Office and ask to speak with Ana or Holly. On the pledge card, indicate the number of shares and name of the stock.

Q: What do I do with my green “Building Fund” Envelopes?
A: For your monthly pledge payments, if you are paying by cash or check, use the green envelope titled “Building Fund.” Beginning in May 2015, the envelope in your monthly envelope mailing packet will state “Building Our Legacy Capital Campaign.” If you do not have green envelopes mailed to you monthly, they are available in the Church Narthex at the Welcome Center, the back door and the Parish Office. Please indicate “Capital Campaign Pledge Payment” in the memo of the check and on the envelope.

Q: Will we have a separate account for the building fund?
A: Yes, we have a separate account set up with our Diocese titled, “St. John XXIII Capital Campaign Building Fund.”